Welcome to Publishing!

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Dec 15 2022

Welcome to publishing! If you’ve stumbled upon this blog you’re likely here because you’ve written something amazing and have decided to enter the world of publishing. Congratulations! I hope you are proud and have taken the time to celebrate the huge accomplishment that is finishing a book. I admire every writer who does it. It’s not something I’ve ever believed I could do (nor do I have the strong desire to try).

In this place you’ll find hundreds of blog posts written over many years. Some so dated they no longer apply to today’s publishing landscape. Others defy time and continue to hold today. Because truthfully, in all my years in this business publishing hasn’t changed all that much. At the end of the day, we are all just looking for amazing stories to lose ourselves in.

Before I send you to the search bar, let me guide you a bit to some of our most popular posts as well as those I’m going to assume you’re here to see the most.



Most authors come here first to learn about the querying process. It’s probably what I’ve written most on and the first step in your publishing journey. I would suggest you start by looking at posts on the basics of a good query letter and focus on those that talk about the importance of the blurb.

The query letter is your selling pitch to agents and later it’s what the agent will use when pitching to publishers. It’s a skill worth learning since it will be a huge part of your career as an author. And speaking of skills, I suggest you also check out the five skills I believe every author needs to have. Learning these will help you as you move forward in your career.


The Author/Agent Relationship

The other big area I’ve written a lot about, is the author/agent relationship. Knowing that it’s a business partnership and what you look for in that is key to your next steps. I strongly suggest you look at both my posts and our YouTube on how to navigate an offer of representation. Once you receive one it will be the first time you truly feel in charge of your career. It’s exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. All of this great information can help you navigate that.


Lastly, you’ll find lots of tips, insider information and hopefully stumble across some motivation and inspiration here and there. While some of my posts might be outdated, the classic information on relationships, queries, and getting published remain the same.

My purpose for all I do in this blog and on social media is to share my passion for both books and author advocacy. I want to empower you with what I know to make your journey the most successful it can be.


Over the years, it’s been a joy to have met so many of you. To watch you grow and get book deals and achieve your dreams. I do hope you’ll keep me in mind for your queries because I’m still looking for books to fall in love with, as are all the agents of BookEnds.


Enjoy the journey into these pages and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and YouTube where you’ll continue to see me sharing all that I know.