Jessica Faust

(President & Literary Agent)

As owner and President at BookEnds, Jessica Faust is honored to spend every day with some of the most talented authors and agents in the business. From BookEnds’ inception in 1999, Jessica has always believed that her number one job is to be an author advocate. As BookEnds has grown, she now adds agent advocate to that responsibility. In addition to growing BookEnds in new and innovative directions, Jessica represents many bestselling and award-winning authors. Her focus is on bringing more underrepresented and marginalized voices into publishing and her areas of expertise include mystery, suspense, upmarket, literary, and women's fiction. In nonfiction, she’s seeking books and authors who will make her a better person and a better leader.  Jessica began her career as an acquisitions editor at Berkley Publishing, Macmillan, and Wiley. In addition to nearly 15 years of blogging, Jessica has a regular role on the BookEnds YouTube channel, has taught at New York University's Continuing Education Program, written a publishing column, and has been honored by a number of different publishing organizations. Jessica hosts workshops and speaking engagements throughout the world and is a member of AALA. While her heart will always be in Minnesota, Jessica now lives in New Jersey with her family. Outside of BookEnds, Jessica’s passions include kettlebell lifting, walking Olive, skiing, paddle boarding, cooking, baking, reading other people's books, and generally laughing with friends and family. Specifics on the types of books she’s seeking to represent as well as more information on querying Jessica can be found in her wishlist below, along with the link to her query form. You can learn more about Jessica by following her on: Twitter and Instagram or email her directly.  You can also find information about new deals and clients on Publishers Marketplace. Watch our interview with Jessica on YouTube!

Client Books

Jessica Faust Wishlist

Jessica is actively looking to represent more underrepresented and marginalized voices in all genres listed here. Her fiction list focuses on literary and upmarket fiction, women's fiction, mystery, and suspense. In nonfiction, she is looking for books that will make her a better person, specifically fresh perspectives on race and feminism, personal development, self-help, mind, body, and spirit, and business. Her current goal is to represent more broad-based business books by women and business leaders of color. Some recent reads that both inspired and informed her list include WHEN WOMEN WERE DRAGONS, CHEMISTRY LESSONS, THE LAST THING HE TOLD ME by Laura Dave, Sarah Addison Allen, and RAZORBLAD TEARS. In nonfiction, she seeks more books like those by Brene Brown, Ijeoma Oluo, James Clear, and Nedra Glover Tawwab. Her upcoming wishlist includes more dark thrillers and suspense, and upmarket books with a feminist perspective. She particularly seeks out stories about women, family, friendships, and found family. Jessica (along with James) regularly discusses their recent reads on YouTube where you can see what she’s most excited about and what latest reads are informing her list. You can also get a sense of the books she's reading and representing by following her on Instagram. To submit to Jessica Faust click on this link for her Query Manager form.

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